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Are You Doing Your Part To Help Stop The Spread of Covid-19?

“We are not in normal times”.This is a phrase I have heard repeatedly about the spread of COVID 19, a pandemic the world is currently battling. Almost everything is at a standstill and people all over the world have been affected by the outbreak of the novel disease.

I have often asked myself whether I am doing enough in my capacity in the fight against coronavirus. For instance, there have been several guidelines laid out to mitigate the spread of the virus but am I following these guidelines to the latter? The fight against Covid-19 is as a collective one but on a personal level, everyone must do their best to ensure the disease is brought under control.

So, if you are wondering what you can do to support the fight against COVID 19, find below a few suggestions:
1) Stick to all outlined COVID-19 protocol such as hand washing, wearing of nose masks, social distancing, avoiding handshakes, eating healthy and practising very good personal hygiene. Do not place any of them above others. They are all important and must be strictly adhered to.


2) If you are a school owner you can sign up for a school management system, do so. Education can take place anywhere with simple to use tech. solutions. The Seekapor( one is a fine one to use because it is multi-purpose. 


3) Parents should ensure that their children still get some education; be it formal or informal. There is a lot of information out there on how to go about this.


In sum, the onus lies on all of us to do our part by taking all safety precautions seriously and obeying all guidelines to protect ourselves and your loved ones. In the process, we should not lose our lives but rather, take advantage of available technologies to keep on moving.

July 14, 2020

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