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AsaaseGPS To Deliver Digital Address System in Ghana

Ever thought of a digital address system in Ghana? Well, it is almost here.
In the coming weeks, the digital addressing system for Ghana will soon be unveiled and AsaaseGPS is the company behind this new system.
AsaaseGPS is a location-based system which provides the most effective means of addressing every location and place. This system as reported will divide Ghana into grids of 5m x 5m squares and assign each one a unique address, known as a digital address.
In the coming weeks, the digital address system will be formally unveiled by the Government of Ghana as part of one of their campaign promises. This system should allow citizens to find virtually any location in Ghana using a computer or mobile device.
Currently, AsaaseGPS has a mobile app which users can try out and get a preview of what the system might look like (Google Play, iOS Store, Windows Phone)
AsaaseGPS is the flagship product of Vokacom Group, a company which is involved in other ventures such as Information Technology, Content Aggregation, Financial Advisory, Agribusiness and Real Estate in Africa.

Will A Digital Address Work And Be Effective?
Ghanaians sometimes can be slow to embrace change when it comes to technology. Ghanaians are still not comfortable with the use of mapping applications like Google and so it should be interesting to see how they adapt to this new digital address system.
Will the Ghana Post use this system? What about third-party delivery companies? How will businesses integrate this? There’s still a lot that we don’t know but hopefully, our questions will be answered in the coming weeks when the system is rolled out. We can only hope that this works and makes the addressing system in Ghana better for all.

Written By:
Joseph-Albert Kuuire
Creator and editor of

October 16, 2017

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  1. Impressive! Hope this will ease locating places especially for those of us who patronise delivery services

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