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Meaning: the study of the meanings of words and of the sense development of words. Synonyms: semantics, semiotics, lexicography; Use:

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Meaning: the smallest unit of language that has its own meaning, either a word or a part of a word.

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Meaning: the study of sounds in a particular language or in languages generally. Synonyms: accent, diction, utterance, articulation; Use: Phonology

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Meaning: a branch of linguistics that is concerned with the relationship of sentences to the environment in which they occur.

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Meaning: the study of the formation, meaning, and use of words and of idiomatic combinations of words. Synonyms: toponomy, philology,

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Meaning: Someone who analyzes and coordinates an organization’s supply chain. Synonyms: coordinator, strategist, planner; Use: Wilson is advising shippers and

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Meaning: a person who studies or is an expert on birds. Synonyms: zoologist, animal scientist, twitcher; Use: Olivia calls herself

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Meaning: someone who makes or draws maps. Synonyms: mapper, surveyor, assessor, topographer; Use: With the assistance of a cartographer, the

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Meaning: a nurse or other health worker trained in drawing venous blood for testing or donation. Synonyms: medical assistant, nurse,

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Meaning: a person who is trained to provide support to women and their families during pregnancy, childbirth, and the period

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