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WORD OF THE DAY: Submarine Meaning: noun./ A vessel, especially a warship capable of operating below the surface of the

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WORD OF THE DAY: Antisocial Meaning: adj./ Avoiding the company of other people. Use: When children are forced to stay

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WORD OF THE DAY: Trudge Meaning: verb./ To walk or plod heavily or wearily; a long tiring walk. Use: The

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WORD OF THE DAY: Crooked Meaning: adj./ bent or winding Use: The picture hanging on the wall is crooked. Synonym:

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WORD OF THE DAY: Fume Meaning: noun./ A sharp or pungent smell. Use: Laboratory workers are mandated to wear a

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WORD OF THE DAY: Parergon Meaning: noun./ Work that is not one’s main employment. Use: Mr. Adjei is an accountant

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WORD OF THE DAY: Illicit Meaning: adj./ Another word for illegal; Not allowed or approved by common custom. Use: It

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WORD OF THE DAY: Fresco Meaning: noun./ A very durable method of wall painting using water colors on wet plaster.

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WORD OF THE DAY: Potsherd Meaning: noun./ A broken fragment of pottery especially of archeological value. Use: Potsherds found in

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WORD OF THE DAY: Mayhem Meaning: noun./ A violent destruction or confusion. Use: The police fired rubber bullets to try

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