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The Internet is a great place to connect with friends, shop and learn new things but it could become a detriment to a person’s wellbeing if proper safety measures are not taken to ensure one’s safety as they go about their daily activities online.

There are bad tech practices that needs to done away with in order to safeguard personal information and wellbeing online.  In recent times, some people and organizations have fallen victim to certain cybercrimes due to poor cyber practices. Here are a few bad cyber practices that should be done away with.

 A weak password: It is important to create strong passwords for all your accounts online in order to protect your information from hackers and other cybercriminals who harvest information for their selfish gains.  It is recommended that one should not use birthdays, anniversary dates or names as passwords because it is easy to guess. To create a strong password, try a combination of numbers and other keyboard symbols such as @ # $ % etc

 Using pirated software: Tech experts suggest that tech users must shun pirated software.   Pirated software is illegally using, copying or distributing software without ownership or legal rights. Although pirated software is cheap, it is illegal and could land a user in jail if they are caught. It also could bring about the distribution of malware or spyware which could damage your computer or steal your personal data.


‘Seeking medical remedies online: It is never advisable to seek medical remedies online because information available on the internet cannot be independently verified. With regards to issues of health, it is always better to book an appointment with an expert at the hospital or clinic.

 Unbacked up data: Endeavour to back up your data in order not to lose them in unforeseen events. Create backups and continue to back up your data as when you create a new one.

Posting of one’s location on Online: It is unsafe to post one’s location online since they are likely to put you in danger; especially in the case of adolescents. Some people have lost their lives or have been attacked by unknown assailants after they posted their locations online.

January 14, 2020


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