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Benefits And Challenges Of Teaching

You will learn twice as much as your kids do every single day until the day you retire

                                                                                    Diann Strade

Teaching has numerous benefits but life as a teacher comes with its daily challenges. You must be prepared for them by putting certain strategies in place. A simple questionnaire was distributed to five university students, asking them which teachers they fondly remember. One main characteristic that ran through their answers was this; the teacher was nice but disciplined them when need be. Funny enough, canning was not part of the disciplinary methods these teachers used but the import of whatever action was used was felt. Discipline is not a bad word as some people make it seem. Good teaching translates into good behavior, true but this is not always enough. As a teacher, it will be very helpful if you create a well planned attitudinal management technique. You should set classroom rules which you must ensure your students follow. This should be a given. Do well not to break them too. If eating is not allowed in the classroom, do not break the rule.

From the get – go, you should apply the attitudinal management technique when dealing with all forms of disrupting behaviour in the classroom before they think it is acceptable.

Routines are also helpful and important. Explain the rationale behind these routines and allow your students to practice them and give you feedback. There could be rewards for those who are true to these routines. Students are pleased to receive rewards, especially at the group level. Such routines include reading a book per week, walking without shuffling of the feet, observing silence hours etc.

Cooperative learning or group work is good but limit that style if you are not yet conversant with the behavior of your students. Some students tend to misbehave a lot when they are in the company of like mannered mates. Make sure not to put two of such students in the same group for effective learning/results.

Do not give up on any child because every child can learn. Devise styles to pull students who are a little slow with learning along. Do not expect all your students to grasp knowledge at the same pace or time.

Students admire teachers who teach skills beyond what the curriculum requires. As a 21st century teacher, you need to know stuff. Don’t rely solely on your school or teaching guide to provide you with everything on a silver platter. Show some responsibility and dedication to your work and look things up for yourself so you can chip in facts about the world to your students. This could range from sports to movies, finance, health, safety, appearance and communication tips. Students tend to remember these tips for a long time. Actual learning can occur better when the relevance of knowledge is known or shared. This is the reason why many people are able to relate to things taught in school many years after they have completed because as they grow, they see the relevance of it.

Practice these pointers and you will be surprised at the greater impact you will be making on your students. Read more informing articles for many more tips on teaching at

August 6, 2019

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