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Owning a pet can be beneficial to the growth and development of your child. Pets are animals kept by humans as a source of companionship and pleasure. Gifting your child a pet could benefit your child’s personal development immensely.

According to experts, children who are raised with pets tend to develop compassion, empathy and high self-esteem. They posit that children who own pets tend to form an emotional connection to their pets and so they are obligated to care for them.  These are positive behavioural traits that children should develop early.

Parents must first consider the age and safety of their children before adopting a pet. Age thirteen could be a starting point for a child to own a pet. At this age, the child could care for another living being outside of himself.

 They should also consider safe animals such as dogs or cats as pets. They are cheaper and safer to acquire and care for. There have been instances where pets have attacked their owners and even killed them in the process.

Child pet ownership can also help create in a child a sense of responsibility. Owning a pet comes with a great sense of responsibility. It is a requirement that owners must provide food, shelter and comfort for their pets. Getting children to assume this responsibility will give them a sense of responsibility at an early age. Assuming such responsibility will help them understand that the survival of the pet depends on them and must not fail to carry out such responsibility.

Pets can also serve as a source of emotional comfort for your children. Parents who are raising a single child could adopt a pet as a source of emotional support and comfort for the child. Raising a lone child comes with challenges such as loneliness and boredom. Getting a pet for such a child could go a long way to support them emotionally.

Having a pet can also help to keep your child active.  Children are a bundle of energy, containing that energy can be a tedious task. Adopting a pet will keep them stay occupied for a long time playing and having a fun-filled day.

Parents must also consider the age and safety of their children before adopting a pet. Age thirteen

October 25, 2019

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