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My Induction

When I went to the district educational directorate to finalize my documentation yesterday, by somewhat favour, I was singled out

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Valentine’s Day facts

Some kids see Valentine’s Day as a chance to gobble up some heart-shaped candies, while others don’t care much for

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Why I love Christmas

I have had a love-hate relationship with Christmas for a while.When I was between the ages of 6 till about

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The Last day of BECE and some lessons.

As B.E.C.E comes to an end, I’m reminded of many years ago when I finished mine. After our last paper,

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I Love to Write Day

A Snapshot of the Global Heritage of Writing as International “I Love to Write Day” is Marked By Raymond Tuvi

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Accra Too Bitter

By Arnold Adrian Noon day‘s sun was his foe. The heat made him bleed sweat from his pores. He pushed

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Sandy my best friend

Thinking about Sandy today I should have been nicer to her. I should have told her how much she was

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6 Ways to Support Your Muslim Friends During Ramadan

By Zarina Amandi It is the holy month of Ramadan, and millions of Muslims worldwide are observing solemn acts of

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There is a lie being told that, Nima,  and for that matter, all the slums in the country have become

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In Ghana, we give thanks in various ways after something significant happens in our lives. An example will be the

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