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Feeling both positive and negative emotions is a natural part of being human. We might use the word “negative” to

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Self Esteem

Self-esteem is how you feel about yourself or your opinion about yourself. Everyone has times when they feel a bit

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My Induction

When I went to the district educational directorate to finalize my documentation yesterday, by somewhat favour, I was singled out

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Sandy my best friend

Thinking about Sandy today I should have been nicer to her. I should have told her how much she was

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There is a lie being told that, Nima,  and for that matter, all the slums in the country have become

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African Proverb-knowledge

Knowledge is like a garden: If it is not cultivated, it cannot be harvested.Meaning: If you don’t make efforts to acquire

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Writing tips – emotions

When writing, create Emotion in the Reader. Write scenes, showing rather than telling. Make a character sympathetic, so the Reader

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In Ghana, we give thanks in various ways after something significant happens in our lives. An example will be the

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