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You Think It Is a Crime to be OPINIONATED?

I joined the staff bus after a hectic day at work. I found a comfortable spot, stretched my feet and

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Wondering Why There Are So Many Bats at the 37 Military Hospital? Read This

There are about “1 million straw – colored fruit bats living on Mahogany trees at the 37 Military Hospital in

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How I escaped some harmful cultural practices in Ghana

I thought I was a normal child until my parents got transferred to another town in the Greater Accra Region.

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Gaining admission into the University of Ghana was a dream come true. I knew I had to find my way

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Thoughts Of A Ghanaian Teenager

The generations before us say education was tougher then. I beg to differ supposing theirs was actually tougher, at least

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Positive Peer Pressure

Before I begin expressing my views on this ever controversial topic. I would like to give a shout out to

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