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The Next Stage – Moving on from Sixth form to Uni

To make the progression from sixth form into a Uni here in the UK, one must go through (UCAS) the

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International Girl Child Day

Growing up a girl. Well there’s  the whole debate about the male species  being superior, the female species  being superior

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To Be An Actuary Is To Be Full Of Life

  Actuarial Science, one of the best disciplines in existence involves using statistical methods and mathematics to predict uncertainties and

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Moving on to Senior High School

To start with, I never really understood why my parents sent me to Ridge Church but after finally completing nine

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Physics Is Cool and a Girl Can Do It Too

In September 2012; I found out that I had gained admission both at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and

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It’s world teachers day

World Teacher’s Day Growing up teachers are usually your least favorite people. Unless you want to be a teacher, then

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