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How to give any WordPress post or page an expiration date

If you write a blog, there are probably times when it would be nice to be able to give a

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Save time by using a few handy keyboard shortcuts

Have you ever noticed that you tend to do many of the same things over and over when using your

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How To Use Voice Dictation In Google Docs

Since the late 90s, it has been possible to type text documents on your computer using nothing but your voice.

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How To Change Google’s Background On Your Web Browser

Google’s default background image isn’t hard to look at. But if you perform a Google search many times a day,

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How to instantly get the current time in any city or town in the world

Have you ever found yourself calculating the current time in some far off locale, only to discover later that your

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How to quickly delete your Internet browsing history in any web browser

There are many benefits derived from deleting your Internet browsing history on a regular basis. As an example, I receive

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How to add frequently used Settings and Control Panel options to the Start Menu in Windows 10

Do you find yourself changing a certain Windows 10 system setting or accessing a particular Control Panel option on a

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How to transfer all contacts from your old Android or iPhone to a new smartphone

With a myriad of smartphones coming out every month across various price ranges, consumers have started upgrading phones at a

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Gmail Tips: Deleting emails

Gmail started its journey in 2004 by offering 1GB storage to its users. It was doubled to 2GB in 2005

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Parental Controls: How to Lock down your Kids’ iOS Device

Even without using third party software, iOS has a surprising amount of controls that might just do the trick if

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