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‘’oh it’s already six o’clock’ ’I said to myself. As I turned on my radio to listen to the news bulletin I heard ‘’SHS TO BECOME FOUR YEARS’’ astonished I pulled a chair to sit to get an insight on why our senior second cycle education had to change from three years to four years. To be honest, the reasons being given were flimsy.

I followed subsequent discussions on radio and social media and the conclusions that I drew was just simple”-our politicians were just using our educational system to win political points. Our education has become a tool for campaigning by politicians, and when they are voted into power they alter the already existing system to score cheap political points.

Much as changes need to be made to advance in technology, there is also the need to be consistent in our educational system for its success and effectiveness. Our politicians seem to be playing games with our Senior and Junior High school systems. Over the years we have experienced changes to the duration of the SHS system under different political parties. Have these changes ever been justified? What is the rationale behind these changes? It is unclear whether these unnecessary changes are made to enhance the effectiveness of the system or just to gain cheap political popularity.

During the 2008 elections, as part of one political party’s manifesto that candidate promised free SHS if he was voted into power. BUT the amusing aspect is, it is every Ghanaian child’s right to have free access to basic education. That incident got me thinking for some time hence the motivation to write this piece of article which focuses on the challenges facing our educational system and our way as a country.

I also strongly do believe that before this problem will be tackled we all need to come on board as Ghanaians to help eradicate this problem from our society because I believe we all have a role to play in this problem.

August 2, 2018


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