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Today is 1st April which means we are in the first quarter of the year.  Depending on what your goals for the quarter were, you may have achieved it or not with the lockdown as a result of the coronavirus being a major contributing factor.
If you are able to still achieve in the midst of this crisis, kudos.

If you aren’t achieving your dreams yet because of the times, it is not too late. This article is meant to give you tips to pull through.

 Does it then mean we should shelf our dreams too? Nope! I think even in quarantine people can still work on their dreams without having to set a foot outside.

No one knows when things will get back to normal, nonetheless, we must continue to build on our dreams. It could take longer than we anticipated for things to return to life as we know it.

Here are a few things you could do to work on your dreams while you are in lockdown

Spend your lockdown period working on all the plans you have written down for yourself. Look at all the areas that need fine-tuning again. It might seem like a simple task but it could go a long way to help your dreams grow.

Reach out to all the people who could mentor you or give you great insight on your dreams. A simple call on Whatsapp, skype or telegram would do the trick. Remember to give them heads up via a text before you reach out.

Speak to your friends on the areas of your dreams that may not be working out for you. Don’t make it a petty party though. Sought out that one good friend you trust and consider dependable enough to share your dreams and aspiration with.

Take this time to read all the literature you can lay your hands while you on lockdown. There is so much a person can pick up from books. Pay particular attention to the ones on self-empowerment and development.

A lockdown may not be what we had in mind for the first quarter of the year, but it is here and we have to face it on head-on!



April 1, 2020


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