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Child safety is a top priority for every parent, especially when the child is out of one’s sight. It is one of the basic tenants of being a parent. It is however next to impossible to have 24-hour watch over your child. Therefore, it is important to teach your children basic safety tips to adhere to when they are not under any adult supervision.

HAVE THEM MEMORISE EMERGENCY CONTACTS AND HOME ADDRESS:  It is important children know basic information such as emergency contacts, their names, home address and parent names. These are information that will come in handy when your child find themselves in a sticky situation. Your child should be able to share your contacts and address with someone in case of an emergency. Help your child memorise this information at home especially when they are about to start school.

TEACH THEM NOT TO TAKE ITEMS FROM STRANGERS:  As a parent,  it is important you teach your child about the dangers of taking items from strangers especially food. There are people out there in the world who prey on innocent children to take advantage of them hence teach your children not to fall victim to such people.  Ask them to politely refuse when someone offers them food.

TEACH THEM BASIC ROAD SIGNS:  Children are the leading victims of road accidents when they are left unsupervised hence every parent must teach their child basic road safety clues such as crossing the road, wearing a set belt and understanding the traffic light.

TEACH THEM NOT TO LEAVE THE HOUSE WITHOUT PERMISSION: It is not safe to leave children to wander off on their own but if they must go out ask them to always seek permission first.  Allowing your child to roam carelessly could be detrimental to their well being. Every parent must thus teach their children the importance of asking permission before they go anywhere.

TEACH YOUR CHILD TO BE ASSERTIVE:  This is the ability to speak up for yourself in a way that is honest and respectful. Assertiveness in children helps them to speak freely when it becomes necessary. Some people prey on timidity in children to harm them.  Teach your child to speak out when they are not comfortable with a situation they find themselves in. But they must speak their minds without seeming disrespectful or arrogant to others.

The safety of a child is every parents responsibility. There is no age limit to start teaching your child these tips, the important thing is to ensure they are aware of all the pitfalls that could befall them and how to handle such situations.

November 11, 2019


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