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Chocolate, Wine And Bed

It is St. Valentine’s Day again and a lot of planning has gone into how the day will be celebrated. Aside giving and receiving gifts, these things remain, especially for those who are yet to find love. For those who already have, it’s a reminder to cherish what you have.

Fall in love with character and heart more. Not looks, they fade and drastically too in some.

A good heart hardly fades, it blossoms every day.

A beautiful character will keep dazzling you with good deeds and your love will grow in strength. In difficult times, a beautiful character may flare but decently –won’t spew words they cannot swallow. A good heart may also ache but will not destroy the love you share.

Beyond the chocolates, the wine, the lingerie that may be received, endeavour to present yourself as a priceless gift to your partner. A gift of a wonderful heart and an amazing character that cannot be replaced. Ever! Till death you do part.

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