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 Technology, which was said to be the death of human interactions is on the mission to save mankind. In the wake of current world events, people have come to depend on technology to survive quarantine and social distancing.  Travel bans and restrictions are the new signature of the global village.

In the absence of physical human contact, technology has become the go-to solution to stay connected to each other while we self- isolate to stop the spread of COVID-19.

There are no longer visits to the grandparents’ or weekend vacations. Technology has brought us all together in quarantine and lock-down. Cinemas are now virtual watch parties on FACEBOOK and TWITTER, businesses are now swaying more to the usage of SKYPE, virtual training being held on ZOOM and DJ’s streaming mini-concerts and raves online. It appears technology has brought us closer in these times.

For me, however, I have always had a routine coronavirus or not; it still holds. I am always up, bright and bushy at 3 am every day doing either of these: watching cartoons or playing with my one-year-old son, having my quiet time or wait until its 4 am then head out for a jog at 6 am, reply work emails or work on a delivery schedule, 7 am is spent with the family.

I also spend time teaching my son the alphabets or stream rhymes on YOUTUBE. Then take a nap at 12noon, after that I continue teaching my son colours until 3 pm.

In between this period, I attend work meetings on SKYPE and then turn in my reports while I spend the rest of the day on a little bit of personal learning.

Life is a social loop; the only travelling we do is within our homes and social media accounts. We are constantly tuned in to news portals looking out for the latest news on the Covid-19 outbreak.

Also, I have noticed how businesses now understand the fact that a one-hour meeting can be done via email and employees can effectively work from home so long as they are not directly into manufacturing or production.

 People now stick to time for meetings and effectively use preexisting technology provided in business suits and smart devices to achieve work targets.

Parents are also spending more time with their children and getting to know them better.

Alas, all stress caused as a result of consistent traffic to and from work has been eliminated.

By Benedictus Ashigbui.

March 26, 2020


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