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Crown With No Throne

“School Prefect” became my new nickname. Of course, it’s helium for your balloon head at first but soon it becomes more than that; it becomes a task. My name is Danielle Harmony and I am the Deputy Senior Girls Prefect at Achimota School.
So I’ve told you before that I was Head Girl twice in basic school. Now I tell you, with no disregard for my former post that basic school prefectship is a joke.
You’re lost, aren’t you? Let’s take it back a few months.

How it all started 

The forms were out, all you had to do was pick it up, fill it, get some teachers to recommend you and submit. Now at this point, I was contemplating, aren’t you tired of being in charge?  Don’t you want to sit back and relax?
But everyone around (my 3 friends and other acquaintances) were all “oh you can be a prefect go for it.” But I was certain I wanted to sit in the passenger seat this time. 
One Friday, one of my teachers called me out of class and told me to apply. “He had hope in me,” he said.
Now I couldn’t back out. I applied.
The next week, the Electoral Commissioner came round to call those shortlisted -my name was not mentioned.
I was shocked I didn’t make it but I was elated I had escaped.  My friends refused to understand; they said there must have been a problem. I laughed it off.
That evening, my dining hall master told me it was a mistake and said I had been picked.
Vetting was next. Ha- or should I say be a lady contest? Speak well, be honest and bold.
I passed that and came out top of the list of five. Next was Manifesto reading and campaigning. This is what posed a challenge for me.

Next was manifesto reading

I am not exactly a sociable person so people didn’t know me- those who did either thought I was stuck up or just too in my own world to acknowledge anyone. It wasn’t that really, I just don’t like stress and unnecessary friendships. The smaller your circle, the higher the possibility of loyalty.
I wrote my manifesto down with ease. The presentation was another story. I could feel my heart breaking out of its enclosure and walking out into the crowd. My ears were pounding as I heard my voice.
A leader’s words are his promise.
His promise to serve and guide.
But that can’t be done with lies.
Don’t believe in googled speeches and textbook leaks
I am not here to promise the extraordinary, just the basics.” I started
Before I realized, it was over. The next day was voting. “One is the number, Danielle is the name” was my campaign slogan. Goldie Carl and Bella Adjoh-Davoh are two people I’m really grateful for among the many others who campaigned and voted for me.
The results were out and I was 3rd out of the 5 with 490 votes.

Now to the actual job

See, leadership isn’t about getting the title and being all high and mighty. You need to understand every issue from about a hundred different perspectives before you take a decision.
What people fail to realize is that it is only a leader who has had the experience of being both a leader and a follower.
Being a prefect isn’t always glamorous. There are days that all you want to do is keep your mouth shut, but people keep trying and trying your patience. There are days when you just want to let loose and be ordinary – break a few rules even but you can’t. There are days when you just wonder why everyone sees you as the devil when you’re only just trying to work.
There are days when you know you’re really doing the most but the people just refuse to see it. There are days when you can’t go on. There are days when you refuse to be strong. It is on such days that I like to remember, that I’m Danielle Harmony Asamoah 3x school prefect, daughter of the Almighty with a lot to prove.
Sweetheart, blowing your trumpet to keep yourself from crying is allowed.
Don’t let them get to you and don’t drown yourself in the stress because all shall pass. You may have your crown forever, but each year another sits on your throne. Don’t ever refuse to be bold, step up to the challenge. Be a leader.
Because after all the insults you’ve been insulted, You have leadership qualities.
You learn how to TOLERATE ALL KINDS of people.
You learn to be humble.
You learn to take initiative.
And you build your Curriculum vitae.
I won’t tell you it’s easy but remember you can’t please everybody. Because the man who wants to lead the orchestra has to turn his back on the crowd.
Written By: Danielle Harmony Asamoah
August 6, 2018

28 responses on "Crown With No Throne"

  1. Wow you had the time to do write all this..nice

  2. This is beautiful. You could be an author if you tried you know.

    • Yes,Debbie.We agree totally.Danielle writes beautifully.Do you want to give it a shot by being our guest blogger for next week?

  3. I love you so much ❤️❤️

  4. I love you so so much❤️❤️

  5. Love thisssss

  6. Not bad… a few inconspicuous grammatical errors here and there but definitely not bad

  7. In really impressed
    Wonderful work. Keep it up

  8. In really impressed
    Wonderful work. Keep it up

  9. Yes o. Thanks @Henry

  10. Beautiful piece b😘♥🎉

  11. yes i did , Henry. Thank you

  12. thanks a lot Debbbie. I will think of that too.

  13. Kcaliphate F H DullahAugust 6, 2018 at 10:41 pmReply

    Hmm! It’s kanda mesmerizing especially losing an election and having an unwavering commitment to contribute from the backseat. I think African politicians should directly seek your advice now.
    Honestly, your words are wise and nerve-cracking. Every single part of it resonates with me.
    Thank you!

  14. Kcaliphate F H DullahAugust 6, 2018 at 10:43 pmReply

    Hmm! It’s kanda mesmerizing especially losing an election and having an unwavering commitment to contribute from the backseat. I think African politicians should directly seek your advice now.
    Honestly, your words are wise and nerve-cracking.
    Thank you!

  15. Go you girl! This is beautiful. You would be a good author,keep it up. Love you ❤🔥

  16. Nutifafa Afi AttorAugust 7, 2018 at 8:40 amReply

    I think this is from the heart. Nice grammatical constructions though. Keep it up.👍👌

  17. Janice! Thank you baby girl

  18. Live you too Joshuaaa

  19. appreciate @Sedinam

  20. God bless @Kenneth, Yolanda , Nutifafa amd Khali

  21. You are one of the reasons im here today , Ode.

  22. Nice one, girl. Stand up and be counted. Greater tasks lie ahead. Keep it up

  23. Who’s moohey by the way

    • Hi Debbie, Moohey is the company that runs seekapor(find information), which is an educational platform that provides information for teachers,parents and students. You can check out the website for more details. Did I answer your question?

  24. hey Danielle, i like that you are learning a lot about leadership so young. i wish i had given myself off during my school days to learn more and be honed for my career. cherish those experiences, hold them to your chest. You will reap their benefits much later.

    Whatever you do DONT STOP WRITING!!! You have an amazing gift. Yes have “the time to write all these”. lol

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