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Daddy, There Are So Many Reasons Why You Are Worth Celebrating Today



18 -06 -2017


Dear Daddy,

I know I hardly let you know how much I feel about you. I don’t make as much noise about your birthday like I do about mummy’s. I don’t seem worried when you are not home early and I do not call you or whatsapp you every day when I am away from home but that does not take away the fact that I love and admire you. And it is not only because I wouldn’t be in this world without you but because you also offer your support and good advice, you cloth my nakedness and give me useful and truthful tips about life. Your frank answers to the random ‘adult questions’ I ask which mummy tries to stop you from doing, makes me love you even more.

Your sternness irritates me at times but I love the crafty and loving approaches you use to win my love back; the rides to town, the random gifts, surprises and the cool things you allow me to try my hands on. I remember when you showed me to move a car and play FIFA with the adult boys. They beat me but I enjoyed it. Daddy, there are so many reasons why you are worth celebrating today, every other Father’s Day and forever. Just so many!

Daddy, I must admit, there was a time in my life when I felt you were unemotional because you hardly reacted to my pains and troubles as quickly as mummy did. You asked so many questions which made me feel like you blamed me for the troubles I had. It wasn’t my fault for getting pushed on the swing and getting hurt.  But as I grow I realize that you may not have cried with me or said sorry so many times. I didn’t know that you worked behind the scenes. There were times you called my teacher to keep an extra eye on me at play so I no longer got hurt. You gave mummy money to buy me all that I asked for without me knowing. I didn’t know too that when I cried and you retracted from me, it was to get a quiet place to think for a solution to my worry. I am sorry for not noticing. From your meager salary, you sacrificed to take us to the best of schools and give us the best things of life. Above all, you introduced us to God. You insisted that church was a must and set the example by going with us every Sunday.

I could go on and on about the value I place on your presence and actions in my life but I will save the rest for when I take you for dinner (which you may end up paying for as always). Mummy told me you are a sucker for messages so I decided to write you one. Happy Father’s Day Daddy.





August 24, 2017

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