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Different Ways to Learn Outside the Classroom

Did you know there are different ways you can learn outside the classroom? Apart from going to school and learning from teachers, students can take initiatives to expand their knowledge and succeed academically.

In case you are wondering through which other means you can learn, here are three ways. 


1. Free online courses or websites

Your phone and/computer can be used beyond social media. Sign up for a free online course or sign up to an educational website such as to improve your knowledge in any subject of interest. There is a lot of free learning material online that you can use.


2. Internships

Gaining practical skills in a working environment can build you up for the job market and expose you to real problem-solving situations. You can take up an internship during the holiday period and improve your skills. This takes you a step ahead and prepares you for the job market.

Internships also afford you an opportunity to have a considerably good CV immediately (due to your internship experience) after school, which plays a role in your job search. You can find internships in fields that are relevant to your career aspirations or course of study at school.


3. Join a social group/club

Learning from your peers and other people can open you up to new information and help to improve your social skills. Join a social group based on your interests, skills and the mandate of the group. Choose carefully which group(s) to join and be mindful who you learn from or what you imbibe. Good social groups also help you to meet people and build great and useful networks.

So whenever you feel like learning starts and ends at school, remember that the above are some of the ways through which you can learn and build yourself up personally and professionally.

Do you have other ideas on how to learn outside the classroom? Share them with us in the comments below.

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July 18, 2019

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