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Growing up, I didn’t know the career path to pursue future. When asked, I will just say whatever came to mind – doctor or an engineer. I don’t know why I gave such answers to people knowing very well my mathematics and science was weak.  As a student in junior school, I hated mathematics or any subject that had to do with calculation with passion.

I only tried hard enough to get a passing grade to the next class. I wasn’t looking to become the next Einstein or a maths genius. I always did my best during my maths test but I only scored average marks.  Initially, I wasn’t happy about my marks and kept trying really hard at it.

 But No! It wasn’t going to happen. I wasn’t good at mathematics and I made peace with it. when it was time to choose subjects in senior high school, I chose the arts and avoided the sciences. although  I felt a little pressured to choose science because almost all my friends had selected science classes.

I would have been unhappy if I had chosen science or any other subjects. I eventually discovered hidden talents I didn’t even know I had along the way. I discovered I was very good at drawing, painting and sculpting.

I learnt later on in life that it was ok not to be exceptional at a subject but one must do their best to work hard at subjects that they are not good at.

Some subjects become useful later on in life when we least expect it. I am a successful artist today but I rely on mathematics techniques to count my money when I get paid.

The secret is to work hard on areas you are not good at because you might eventually need those subjects to move ahead in life. Never give up on a difficult subject simply because you are not good at it. Continue to work extra hard at it even if it is to maintain an average grade.

Also, never feel pressured to select subjects your friends are doing knowing such subjects are not your strength.   Always play to your strength. Do things that you know deep down you are very good at and make you happy.  The secret is to always try to be your best!

November 27, 2019


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