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Do I Need My Parents In My Cool Teen Age?

Do I Need My Parents In My Cool Teen Age?

‘Did this happen overnight or my parents have always been this uncool and? I am fifteen but I know what fashion trend works, what suits me best and  what music sounds good in my ear and yes ,what is worth watching’ says Suzzy;15.

Suzzy is my ‘not so little’ cousin who does not want me to become a parent. Her simple reason: Parents are uncool! Even though this amazes me, I can relate because she is a teenager who is anxiously waiting to be legal. In Life Skills class, they are taught about the changes that ushers one into adolescence and then adulthood. Adolescence is a time for growth spurts and puberty changes. These changes in boys are, enlargement of testicles, appearance of pubic hair, nocturnal emissions simply called wet dreams, hair on face, arms, legs and armpit, break in voice and acne. In girls, their breasts develop, they grow hair in private parts, under armpits and menstrual period starts.

Apart from these physical changes, the adolescent stage comes with some mental and social changes. They develop the ability to think abstractly, they are concerned with social issues, philosophy and even politics depending on their individual interests. They think long term and set personal goals .Comparing one’s self to other peers also comes with this stage.

This is what causes adolescents to fall out with parents. Since they have a higher ability to think, they want independence, they want to be accepted amongst their peers and sexual and romantic relationships are important for them. These are the very things parents watch out for and advice against at this point.

To the adolescent, it is not bad to hang out late with people of the opposite sex, after all they sit in class with them all day. It is cool to drink because their parents drink. Suzzy, for example, feels lied to because her parents made her stay away from alcohol because she was a child. She is no more a child and still prevented from drinking. Parents, especially fathers stay out late with friends, why can’t an adolescent do same? Children cannot choose what to wear or how to wear them. Adolescents know fashion trends and have the ability to rock them well. What is the beef of the parent then?

Parents have more experience, they have been where you are, fashion is not static-what is in vogue must have been in vogue when grandparents were two! Again, parents have the money or a job which will deal with the consequences of their actions. Well, if you still think parents are uncool, annoying, irritating, chatter-boxes and all the other adjectives that describes them, please be ready for the glary repercussions that you do not see that parents see. If you are not ready for those repercussions, then talk to your parents or the cooler of the two by your standard, negotiate and make your concerns known without being disrespectful.

August 17, 2017

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