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Do you have screen off days in your schedule?

With a lot of teaching and learning; work; commence and all going on online, a lot of people have forgotten the importance of things like staying away from screens for a while .
Prior to Covid-19, educators emphasised the need for parents to implement screen time so their wards could rest their eyeballs, do some physical activity and generally rest their minds.
With a lot to catch up on in the syllabus or with work targets to be met before the year ends, most people are spending more time in front of their screens and no one is emphasising the need for a break anymore.

No one can be blamed for it but a conscious effort must be made to inculcate the healthy practice of screen off days or hours in the busy schedules. This can be done in various ways using the help of gadgets or manually. 
Here are some ways of observing screen off time manually:
1. Take a proper break to have a meal: Most people have their eyes on the tv or computer even while they eat.
2. Take a walk for a break instead of catching up on social media when you want to take a break off work.
3. Rest without gadgets. Some people read on kindles as a form of rest; simply lying still or reading a hardcover book is better especially if you have been behind your computer all day.
4. Schools and Parents should give their wards two- three-screen off days in two weeks.

Using your smartphone, set screen off time for the apps that take most of your time. You will find that in your phone’s setting. It’s no coincidence that the markers of the gadgets have such features.
Even on your laptop, computer or phone, you can set a shutdown time. Most people tend to work longer hours while working from home. There are people who work from 9 am-9 pm without realising the time move.
Remember to do the same for the gadgets learners use as well.

Health is wealth is not a cliche. Health is really important and we must endeavour to keep every part of our bodies healthy especially after what covid -19 has opened our eyes to.
Your eyes need to rest.

November 26, 2020

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