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Do You Know How the Kupe Dance Started? Meet the Originator

Good news! We have found the originator of the dance craze which has taken social media by storm.

If you have been following the kupe challenge and tempted to make a video and join the challenge, this is how it all started.

The original source of the dance is a young upcoming afrobeat singer who is known on Instagram as @incrediblezigi. He is a professional Ghanaian dancer and a dance instructor.


How the challenge started

A video of four incredibly handsome French guys went viral as they made attractive dance moves with the kupe song. This video has caught the eye of many especially ladies who cannot stop sharing videos of the four good-looking guys.

kupe dance, kupe challenge

                                                     The guys who triggered the kupe challenge

This triggered a challenge, with guys and ladies rivalling the French guys by sharing videos of their own dance moves with the hashtag, #kupechallenge.

After his song went viral in the kupe challenge, the Ghanaian dance instructor @incrediblezigi created an Instagram page with the name @unclekupe specifically for the kupe dance, where he shares videos of people participating in the dance. He also teaches people some kupe dance moves.



Some Ghanaians are pushing for the promotion of the originator of the #kupechallenge who is getting overshadowed by the handsome French guys who started the challenge with a bang and made it popular.

Some other people want to discredit the originator of the dance but yes, this is another banger from Ghana.

The new dance move has seen people flowing with the trend and adding interesting twists and innovations to the #kupechallenge.

From men in wigs to men in the gym, ladies in cars, and dancers in yards and funny apparel, lots of social media users are participating in the Kupe challenge.

Well, at least we now know where exactly this #kupechallenge started.

Have you taken part in the challenge yet? Share the video with us😊

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October 3, 2018

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