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Dyslexia In Children

Dyslexia is regarded as a learning disorder and it is characterised by trouble with reading despite normal intelligence. It is the difficulty with reading and writing caused by the brain’s inability to see the difference between some letter shapes. It is a lifelong condition. This condition is said believed to be caused by both genetic and environmental factors.

It is necessary to know that while dyslexia impacts learning, it is not a problem of intelligence. Many people who have struggled with dyslexia have gone on to have successful careers. Kids who are dyslexic are just as smart as their peers. As a parent if your child is dyslexic, you have to make sure the child has access to supports, teaching approaches and strategies to help him or her overcome her challenges. With respect to signs and symptoms, dyslexia impacts people in varying degrees thus, symptoms may differ from one child to another. The general symptoms are problems with accuracy and fluency of reading and spelling and it can affect writing and learning mathematics. Nonetheless, the main sign of dyslexia which is found in every child is the trouble in decoding words, that is, the child has difficulty in matching letters to sounds and using that skill to read words accurately and fluently.

According to experts, the best practice for teaching dyslexic learners is to reach them via all their senses, this is also referred to as multisensory teaching. This is the use of visuals, motions, body movement, hands-on and auditory elements in their learning. This practice of teaching is helpful because dyslexic children draw from various regions in their brains while engaging in reading, thus, it is only prudent to use teaching approaches that stimulate various regions in the brain.

Dyslexia should not prevent children from pursuing their dreams, with the right learning strategies ensured, children can reach the apex in life.

August 24, 2017

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