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The E-Learning Portal gives Students, Teachers and Parents access to relevant, up-to-date, concise and comprehensible information in any area of study.

Seekapor‘s competent researchers source educational content relevant to what the Ghanaian student, parent and teacher needs in order to improve performance. This is done using the Ghana Education Service (GES) syllabus as a key reference material. Based on the subjects studied, researchers source all that needs to be learnt plus more, and arrange them systematically under each stakeholder’s column on the portal.

We give the chance to our readers to write and post their short articles on topics of their choice on the Blog section of the portal. This encourages the culture of writing and documenting amongst parents. Students and teachers. Also, it allows peer group learning. However, we reserve the right to reject blogs that infringe on the rights of others, peddle factual fallacy or unacceptable language..

We also recommend resources in the form of recommended books and short videos which are beneficial in the line of work of parents, teachers and even students. This is in addition to the articles and subject-based worksheets and notes we provide.

With our E-Learning Portal, learning is made easier, accessible and more exciting to students. Users can access the portal for free on mobile phones or other devices at any time and place.



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