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Ensuring A Safe And Healthy School Canteen

A school canteen is a place in schools where food is sold for students and teachers. Often, people tend to overlook the school canteen as one of the important sections of an educational institution, but it is one of the cardinal aspects any school should have. School canteens play indispensable roles in the life and functioning of schools. In view of this, school administrators and teachers need to have definite canteen policies and they can also establish canteen committees for the purpose of seeking to improve maximum service of canteen operators and food quality. One way in which school canteens have an impact on school life are in supporting teaching through proper nutrition and health practices; including the provision of special dietary requirements for some students and staff, and in being sectors of schools which can easily become trouble zones if specific measures are not put in place to prevent this.

School administrators and teachers must work hand in hand with school canteen operators to ensure that the canteens meet the standards for food preparation, storage, hygiene and safety and failure to do so would result in serious health problems for staff and students who consume food at the canteen. It is very important for schools to make certain that school canteens serve food and drinks which are high in nutritional value such. This will contribute to overall nutritional wellbeing of students and staff. The canteens should not be made to serve food and drinks which are junky, high in saturated fats, sugar, salt food dyes. Again, school administrators must ensure school canteens sell no energy or sport drinks, alcohol and there should be few soft drinks. Moreover, schools must make sure the canteens are devoid of unacceptable practices such as quarreling, bullying and extortion. Another important thing is that school authorities must make sure that the canteen is always spotlessly clean and the operators are engaged in proper personal hygiene in order to prevent diseases such as food poisoning, diarrhea and cholera.

School canteens must be developed to reflect the adage “a sound mind in a sound body”. The food and drinks consumed there by students and staff should contribute to the development of the health of students and staff. A school canteen is one of the important parts of an educational institution, therefore, its safety and health in terms of food and drinks sold there, must be ensured by school authorities in order to reflect a positive school climate.

August 24, 2017

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