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Since the beginning of the term, I noticed that my child always came home exhausted. I initially taught it was his new class and he would eventually get used it. But sadly, he continued to show signs of fatigue and unhappiness. I took him to several doctors to have him checked for any hidden sickness secretly eating my boy way.

On one of my many visits to the hospital, I met another mother who immediately struck up a conversation with me. She asked me why I was visiting the clinic. I was reluctant at first to speak to a total stranger about my son.

I reluctantly revealed my mission there at the clinic. She looked at my son and asked me if I let him attend extra classes after school and I impatiently said yes. She told me that could be the root of the problem. My immediate reaction was she must be out of her mind to even suggest extra classes made my son exhausted.

Every child I know attends extra classes after school, therefore why was she suggesting that my son was different? I thanked her with a side-eye and proceeded to avoid her. She sensed she had hit a raw nerve and judging from my reaction I wasn’t happy with her unsolicited advice. She went on to explain that her child experienced the same thing and was advised to withdraw her child from attending extra classes.

“Let him participate in other extracurricular activities such as swimming, dancing, music, cooking or bead making after school, she added. She asked me to try this for a month and observe the changes.  She went further by recommending a good place for such activities. After seeing the doctor,  I thought long and hard about what I had been told.

I reluctantly enrolled my child for swimming lessons after school and in no time he was back to his old self again. I also noticed he excelled better at school after he started taking swimming lessons. I had to agree children spend so much time in school and extra classes are not always a great idea.

I think extra class should be reserved for children who perhaps are not performing well in a particular subject. Extra classes are good but it should not be for every student.

Parents must allow their children maximum time to rest and enjoy other activities outside of school and the formal space. This helps them relax while acquiring other needed skills for life.

 School is great but you should also allow your child to enjoy their childhood and build memories with their friends.

That worked for my son and it may work for yours too.

November 19, 2019


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