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The BECE exams are not around the corner but the best time to prepare is now! It is a dangerous practice to wait until a month or two to your examination to start preparing. From  personal experience, not spending enough time to study for an important examination could be stressful.

Inadequate preparation for any exam is simply a disaster waiting to happen.  It puts one on the edge creating panics and doubts as the examination approaches. It is in every students’ best interest to set the ball rolling towards the preparation of their examination in order to achieve their desired grade.

It is common to find students squander their time on frivolities waiting until last-minute to catch up with their books. This type of attitude will not help you get into your dream school. It will only create unnecessary pressure on you as the exams approach.

Take advantage of the now and start preparations for your examination. There are several benefits that comes with early preparation for an examination. It puts you ahead of your peers who are waiting until the examination is near before they start learning. Early preparation gives you enough time to understand every topic in your syllabus.

Early preparation also allows you to also familiarize yourself with past questions, increasing your chances of achieving the grade you have always desired. You can visit to solve past questions on every subject.

Furthermore, early preparation also gives you ample time to compare notes with your friends who are good at a certain subject than you are. It helps you know if you are lagging behind on some topics that you have missed.

Although early preparation is good, it is not enough. Students must apply strategy in preparing for an examination. Consistency is an important strategy that should not be overlooked. It refers to the number of times you decide to study. You can decide on the number of times you want to spend studying.  

You can also form study groups with your friends after school or on your free time. Study groups helps you to learn from others who perhaps understand a topic better than you do. It also enriches your learning experience. Study groups, however, is not for everyone, some people do not do well with study groups. You have to know yourself and what works for you so you don’t waste time on things that may not benefit you.

You can also take advantage of Apor on to solve post questions on all your subjects. Apor allows you solve past questions within the BECE standard allotted time for each subject. It is fun and encourages healthy competition among users. You and your friends can head to apor to test your preparedness for the coming examination

These are only a few tips on the benefits of early preparations. Don’t wait until it is too late! save yourself the unnecessary stress that comes with late preparation


November 5, 2019


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