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Soon, most students will be registering for the BECE, selecting their dream courses and schools.  It could be a daunting experience for students who perhaps are not sure of what area of study they want to pursue.

I cannot forget how difficult it was for me to settle on a particular course. I spent months deciding the exact course I desired to study in future. For some people, conflicts like this are a no brainer because they already know the profession they wish to pursue.

In my case, I consulted elderly family members who were doing great in their chosen fields to assist me with my quest to find an appropriate field of study. I listened intently to their advice on career choices and how I could pick one that best suits my personality, hopes and dreams.

I also did a little soul searching taking into consideration, my likes, dislike, strength and weakness. I also looked at all the subjects that I was good at or excelled brilliantly in; also the subjects that I wasn’t good at or scored averagely in.

I also looked at all the activities that I enjoyed doing in school and the social or extracurricular activities I was involved in. for instance, I was a staunch member of the press club, French club and debating society. Being a member of these groups helped me to develop a passion for my desired profession.

I took all these into consideration when it came to settling on a future career.  It wasn’t easy but I am proud I did it and I have never regretted it. After deliberations and consultations with my role models, I knew I was cut out for the Arts thus I settling on the Arts option

 For students struggling to settle on a career path, here are a few pointers to help you

Seek for advice from your parents, role models and mentors to help u you decide

Seek professional help from career counsellors

Take a little time to know yourself, your likes, dislikes, strengths and weaknesses


Lest I forget, you are likely to face peer pressure from your friends who perhaps are thinking of taking a different course in terms of a career choice. Be confident to make a decision that is best for you by speaking to your family and friends to help you decide.


January 14, 2020


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