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 Artificial Intelligence has over the years worked its way from just been a clich√© buzzword in the media to become a robust and extremely useful technology. Artificial Intelligence, (AI for short) has seen many useful implementations over the years in the field of software efficiency, healthcare, financial institutions, academia and many other fields.

Ghanaian team minoHealth AI labs is one of the few teams in Ghana that are implementing AI in the healthcare industry. minoHealth AI labs uses Deep Learning (another buzzword) in AI to predict and diagnose medical conditions in patients. These AI systems have been reported to outperform human physicians in diverse ways. It currently does 3 things:

  1. The first system predicts if a female patient would develop diabetes in the next 5 years or not.
  2. The second and third systems determine if a breast Tumor is malignant or benign with two separate approaches.


The team plans to work with epidemiologists in Ghana and the Ministry of Health to develop lots of medical datasets to train other Deep Learning models to cater to even more medical conditions and healthcare needs of Ghanaians. Currently, the team is in talks with some Ghanaian hospitals to enable them democratize their AI systems to be used for and by all Ghanaians.

November 23, 2018

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