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Get Your Definitive Address With The SnooCode App

Get Your Definitive Address With The SnooCode App

Do you have challenges when giving out directions or feel frustrated navigating your way through the city or when visiting a relative or friend?

Finding your way in a country like Ghana without street addresses can be really frustrating. [When giving directions] People always say: ‘It’s by the chop bar’, ‘beside the mango tree’ or ‘after the blue kiosk’. Without a proper address system, things like ambulance services and food delivery services don’t work.  For those who have smartphones, Google Maps is their best choice of direction. But let’s face the fact, Google doesn’t really know our addressing system better than we do. Google can’t give you a precise direction to the Waakye seller across the road at Nima or that pub in Asylum Down.

SnooCode app is the answer to the problem of lack of addresses, SnooCode is a digital addressing system developed by a Ghanaian Software Engineer named Sesinam Dagadu. A SnooCode is a 6 or 7-digit alphanumeric code generated as an address of a particular location or home. SnooCode allows you to share your code with the General Public (e.g. Restaurant), Send Privately to Friends and Family (e.g. When inviting them to your House), Share with People You Need to Provide Services to You (e.g. Police, Ambulance & Other Emergency Services) SnooCODE allows every man, woman and child to have a definitive address. A SnooCode like COF-K8D can locate a house to within less than 7 meters.

What Makes SnooCode Unique is it can be used ANYWHERE because you can REMEMBER the code and tell a friend over the phone or even WRITE IT ON A FORM  e.g. when you are OPENING A BANK ACCOUNT to give the bank your ADDRESS. SnooCODE gives the tool for anyone, no matter how remote or cluttered their geographic location, no matter their level of education, to precisely pin point their location on any of the available online or offline mapping platforms.

Security is a priority for SnooCODE. A SnooCODE is completely private unless shared or a person you have allowed in your home or location generates a SnooCODE. SnooCODE has been designed with features to identify and correct genuine mistakes made while entering a code. A user can not just make up a code, It will be identified by the built in security features of the code. SnooCODE currently works everywhere and anywhere in Ghana.


SnooCode does not require everyone in a household to own a smartphone. Once a member of the household generates a code, he or she can then share it with the other members of the same household.

SnooCode has been internationally recognized by the African Union, United Nations and World Health Organization. The free mobile application has been requested by some developing countries like Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Madagascar and Malawi for the possibility of it implementation of solving the addressing system. It has been featured by BBC, CNN and supported by Vodafone and also has won several innovation awards over the past years…

Available on Android and iOS for free. SnooCODE app technology can work anywhere in the world but has been conceived and developed for Ghana first. The SnooCODE app is extremely light and once downloaded, can work without an internet connection, sim or cellular signal.

How do I generate a code for my house or location?


  1. Download and install the SnooCode application

  1. Stand in front of your house or location in question

  1. Open the application and press the generate code button

  1. A six alphanumeric code will be generated.

This is your SnooCode. Save it, write it down or share it with other people.

August 21, 2017

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