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Growing children require nutritionally dense food options to enhance their physical and mental development, therefore, allowing children to indulge in processed and fast foods instead of healthy options such as fruits and vegetables can cause them to suffer child obesity or life threatening ailments. Children are prone to infections because their immune systems are underdeveloped. This is the more reason why junk foods or foods with little nutritional value need to be eliminated from their diets and be replaced with immune-boosting foods.

Parents and schools can get children to eat healthier by making healthy foods available during meal times. Parents can plan children’s meals in advance and always make it a point to have healthy choices in it. You can also ensure to have fruits and vegetables in the fridge always for children to snack on instead of consuming sugary foods and drinks.

Additionally, you can encourage your kids to choose healthy foods for consumption by involving them; you can do that by taking them along when going to the market and getting them involved in the process of cooking and preparing healthy meals.

Parents can also do fun things with food such as cutting fruits and vegetables into funny and fancy shapes. Making food look cool and attractive causes children to look forward to meal times. In addition, you could play games and challenge them to finish their food before you, for a reward.

Another effective way to help children consume healthy meals is educate them on the importance of eating healthy foods. As already taught in the classroom, parents can complement it by teaching their children why it is important to eat certain foods and avoid others. When kids are able to understand why certain foods are worthy of bodily consumption, they feel motivated to consume them more. Moreover, example is the best form of effective teaching, thus, you should make healthy food choices yourself in order for your children to learn from you.

October 28, 2020


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