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Grab a Book and Go to the Library- That is the New Cool!

Are you tired of all the cliché things you have been doing all year? Try something different from what you have done in the past months. Here is an idea.

Grab a good book and go to the library. Geek is the new cool. You could destress by going down the memory lane. Do you still have copies of your Things Fall Apart, Hamlet, Sweet Valley High, Babysitters Club Series, Romeo and Juliet, Cinderella, Harry Potter, No Sweetness Here and the rest? Take them to a library near you and dig in.

If you want to do the more contemporary ones, there are varieties to choose from. Well, you may not find them in the libraries so you may want to pass by a book shop first.

You may want to read the classics- Helen of Troy, Odyssey – or the autobiographies. Whatever your preference is, pick it and read, or you cannot read from a book anymore? Carry your kindle, your tablet or whatever device you decide to read from.


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And note that as a matter of fact, if the movie is good, the book is best. You could read the print version of a movie you have watched. Give us feedback afterwards.

Let’s whip- up our reading habit. Remember you could read 100 pages of a book in a day, but now you only read a page on a blog?  Let’s go back to it before the year ends.

Find below a list of libraries in Accra. We will update it week by week. There are also a list of bookshops listed. If you know of any we haven’t listed here, please let us know. You could even send us a picture when you spot one in town 🙂


Book Shops


University of Ghana Bookshop Balme Library
EPP Books Osu Library Fund
Partners Bookshop Annex British Council
Kochba Business Series LAS Liberty School library
Marhabah Bookshop George Padmore Library
SyTris Bookshop Martin Luther King Information Resource Centre
Challenge Bookshop Nubuke Foundation
Ghana Book Trust Western Regional Library
Planete Jeunes Distribution Accra Regional Library
International Graceline Assemblies Street Library Ghana
Leaders Are Readers Books Friends of Libraries in Ghana
  The Ghana Free Community



August 14, 2019

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