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“We can’t become what we need to be by remaining what we are.” – Oprah Winfrey

Growth is an important human attribute that is often overlooked by most people, but it is an event that occurs in people’s lives every day whether or not they choose to acknowledge it. Most successful people often spend time monitoring growth in all aspects of their lives and you should too.

One’s attitude towards growth should be intentional, deliberate and planned. This is not to say growth cannot happen accidentally, but the important thing is to recognize it when it occurs and take charge of it for your benefit.

It is important one makes it a lifetime goal to grow on a daily basis in all aspects of their lives. While it is quite normal to experience stagnation from time to time in life, a person should be willing to turn things around for their personal growth.

Growth also means one’s ability to learn and unlearn practices that are favourable and unfavourable as when it becomes necessary. It is important to unlearn practices and initiatives that do not benefit one and replace them with great habits that could propel one to new heights.

Ability to accept change is also an opportunity to grow. Change might not always be favourable or meet our desires, but one should be willing to accept them regardless. This means the ability to accept all the curveballs life throws.

Most successful people did not become successful overnight. They all experienced their fair share of good fortunes and misfortunes but the difference is how they took it in. They took it in good faith and learnt to treat the curves as learning experiences.

No one was born perfect at anything. People simply endured and persevered towards the things they set their minds to. So, be kind to yourself while you go through the growth process.

Remember, the lessons are key in everything situation.

August 24, 2020


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