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Hello….. It always starts with a hello!


Hello, It always starts with a hello!

Hello, hope you are well?

Hello, can you please direct me to the pharmacy?

Hello, can I sit by you?

Hello, beautiful shirt.

Hello, welcome to our company.

Sometimes, it also ends with a hello .

Hello you! Better be careful.

Hello there, we have had enough of you.

Hello, hello please move it.

Hello, you are not allowed to do that here.

Other times, the silence can be broken with a hello.

Hello, I thought about last night. I shouldn’t have reacted that way.

Hello, it has been ages, I miss you.

Hello, friends again?

Yes, that’s what World Hello Day is about. Simply participate in the day by saying hello to 10 people you have  not spoken to before or have not spoken to in a while.

End that conflict, break that silence, bridge that gap and make sure to preserve it.

Today is World Hello Day. It is an occasion to celebrate the importance of personal communication and promote and preserve peaceful coexistence.

Oh, you don’t have to have to be conventional about it. These are other fun ways of saying or expressing Hello:

Helluurrrrrrrr, Hey there, Heyaaaaaa, Watzup, Howdy, What’s up, Yo and Look what the cat dragged in!

 You could even create yours but whatever you do, make peace today!



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December 3, 2018

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