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My secondary days were the best days of my life! It is a period of time where I made life long friendships that I will forever cherish.  The one thing I will never forget about going to secondary school was some of the ridiculous trends we religiously followed.  Those trends were meaningless and dangerous when I think about them now.

But thinking about it now gives me a nostalgic feeling that I can’t seem to shake off. There is no denying, some of these trends were downright silly when analyzed through the lens of an adult. We could have burnt down an entire school if we had made the slightest mistake. No one knows how these trends are made up.  It spreads like wildfire to other schools and it is passed down from one year group to the next.

I will never forget how boys used to create patterns of spider webs in their school shirt with hot pressing iron. Who exactly were they trying to impress! Spider girl? I honestly can’t believe anyone fancied something like that but it was an activity the boys loved to engage in. It is interesting to note that it took a lot of time to finish making those patterns in their school uniforms. These are precious hours that one could have been invested in studying.

I will also never forget how we used to leave school to attend festivities in town during valentine.  The punishment for leaving school without permission was suspension or outright dismissal. One would think that a potential suspension or dismissal would deter anyone from running away from school but no! I guess that was all the “ginger” we needed to risk everything for engaging in frivolities that did not profit anyone.

 Who can forget how we used to cook noodles with an electric water heater that was smuggled in a box of corn flakes? In dead of night, we would cook noodles in a bowl with an electric water heater. We could have burnt down the school but we didn’t even care about the school! We just want to eat noodles!

How about the time we scaled the school wall to just go to town for our favourite meal? Scaling the wall school tops it all when it comes to breaking school rules, we all know a student who had scaled the school wall simply to visit the town. It sounds ridiculous to have risked our future for such trivialities.  


 These are activities that made going to secondary school interesting nonetheless, to be honest; these were dangerous activities that should not be encouraged. Some students got expelled when they caught, there were also others who lost their lives whiles roaming town at odd hours. Senior high school is fun but it shouldn’t affect you negatively.

November 8, 2019


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