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Please noooo! I stammered! Not here! Besides we are surrounded by the entire school thus, anyone could walk in. She immediately let go of my shirt winked, smiled and said next time. This is the third time I have found myself in this situation fighting her off me. Each time, I bearly escaped with my dignity intact.

I remember vividly the first time it happened, she was a new student in our class who had been transferred from another school in the middle of the term.

I was quite surprised because students don’t usually get transferred in the middle of the school term. Perhaps, her case was a special one.

My teacher asked me to tutor her after school so that she can catch up with the rest of the class. This was a task I was happy to oblige because I enjoyed tutoring others. I prepared notes, diagrams and other learning materials ready to teach her everything I knew.

She suggested we met at a secluded part of our school and away from prying eyes because she didn’t want other students to interrupt us.

 She winked at me right after she said her last word. I felt any classroom would suffice,  I didn’t think much about her choice of location. I mean what could possibly go wrong?

We met at the selected location and we settled for the corner of a classroom. I noticed she smiled a lot and complimented me on my looks.

Suddenly, I noticed she had placed her hand on my thigh and was moving up on my crotch.  I got up immediately! picked up my books and run as fast as my long legs could carry me.

The next day she apologised and I told her if she repeats such an act, I would not tutor her again.  At our next meeting, she succeed in grabbing my private part again an attempt to fondle me.

 I eventually broke free from her grips and left for my dorm. I couldn’t tell anyone about what I had been through because I didn’t think anyone would believe me.  

She told me she would tell everyone I was weak and a “John boy “. My reputation was at stake here and would be destroyed once such words gets out.

At each instance, I said no repeatedly but she didn’t take me serious and continued with her antics.  She said she knows I would eventually give in when  I was done playing hard to get.

 How do I explain to her that my no means no and she should try to convince me? I can’t tell anyone about this because I would be laughed at!

January 24, 2020

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