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How Relevant is a New Educational Curriculum?

Stakeholders in education have developed a new curriculum for basic school education in Ghana, which will replace the current curriculum which has been in use for years. The subject of a new education curriculum has brewed controversy in some instances because some people believe that Ghana’s development challenges are because of an inability of graduates to implement what they study in school, since some of the subjects are irrelevant to global trends of education.

This also emphasises the relevance of the curriculum to the demands of the job market.

Therefore, the key question is: Why is a new curriculum important for basic education?

To answer this question, let’s explore some of the benefits of a good curriculum.

1.  Since it comprises a course of study in schools, a curriculum is a major tool in directing students to focus on topic areas which are deemed relevant to their future.

2.  It helps teachers to have a planned sequence of instruction while helping them to reflect on how they can use the lessons they teach to impart knowledge and imbibe good behaviour.

3.  A country that has a vision can develop its educational curriculum around values that contribute to the common goal of the country.

4.  A good curriculum is important to help give students a relevant learning experience while preparing them for the world of work.

5.  A good curriculum that falls in line with best practices around the world can help schools to groom globally competitive students.


That said, let us explore 7 key characteristics of a high-quality curriculum.

1.  Every aspect of a good curriculum must have clear goals and objectives. It is important to predict and measure learning outcomes.

2.  A good curriculum is built on the knowledge and experience of people from various fields or sectors. It explores the resources, needs and talents of experienced individuals from different fields in order to tap into a large pool of knowledge.

3.  It must inculcate various learning tools and methods to help students have a thorough learning experience.

4.  It must not be rigid. A good curriculum must be dynamic and meet the learning needs of students.

5.  It considers global trends and inspires learners to explore and develop their potential in various ways. So it must be established to meet the needs of modern society.

6.  It follows a sequence and builds on information and lessons gradually using various tools of instruction to facilitate easy understanding and implementation.

7.  It is practical. A high-quality curriculum does not only focus on theory but also hinges on practical experiences and knowledge.

Since Ghana is considering a new educational curriculum for basic schools, it is prudent for stakeholders in education to ensure that it is in line with best practices. This will enable students to learn relevant subjects and be better equipped to pursue further education and subsequently excel in the job market.

February 27, 2019

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