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How To Change Google’s Background On Your Web Browser

Google’s default background image isn’t hard to look at. But if you perform a Google search many times a day, you might get tired of staring at a boring white background image. If so, you can change it and look at something different.

In this post, let’s go over how to pull it off. This way, you can spice up your browsing experience.


Using a Pre-Made Theme

Changing your Google background is easy. If you still can’t figure out a theme, you can check out the store to see cool ones.

To begin, launch Google Chrome. It’s important to note that this tutorial only works if your browser is Chrome. If you’re using Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft, then you can’t go about this.



Then head to the far end (right corner) of the Chrome browser and click the icon with the three dots. Doing this will reveal a drop-down menu to you. Here, click Settings.



Scroll down to the Appearance section. There, you will find Open Chrome Web Store under Themes. Choose this option.



Now, choose a theme. If you have a particular theme in mind, just search for it! If you want to look at the available ones at the gallery, you can also go with that.

Either way, click on the theme that you want. Doing this will open a new tab that features that theme.



Once you have a theme, click Add to Chrome.



Here, you may scroll down the page to see an overview of your chosen theme.

It’s also in this area where you can find information about the theme’s compatibility with your device.



You can now enjoy your new theme! If you don’t like it, you can always choose another theme from the store. Just click Undo to revert the changes.



If you want to go back to the way your theme was, just go to the Appearance section once more. There, choose Reset to default.



Using Your Own Background Image

You can also change the Google background with photos. You can use the pictures of your family, friends, and pets! If not, go for the ones chosen for you by Google.

To start, open a new tab on Chrome. Then click the gear icon on the bottom.



Doing this will reveal a menu that says Customise this page. Here, you can choose how you want to change your Google background. You may upload your own image. Just choose from one of your folders.

You may also go with Chrome backgrounds. If you pick this option, a window will appear. There, you can go over a collection of great designs!



If you don’t like your new background, you can always go back to the original. To do this, head to the gear icon once more. There, you will find an option that lets you Restore default background. Click this to undo the changes.




July 28, 2019

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