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Almost every student has at least one subject they struggle with. Through no fault of theirs, they are unable to grasp what is taught under that subject.

If you fall into this struggle, do not despair. Instead of throwing in the towel, seek information that could help you overcome this academic challenge. Here are a few pointers to help you

Speak to your parents and teachers about your struggle: Most students find it difficult to speak to their parents or teachers about problems that they face in school. But, it is always advisable to go to your parent, guardian or teacher first. These adults are more experienced than you in such matters and may know exactly how to help you.

 A Private Tutor: A private tutor could be the solution to help a student overcome a struggle with difficult subjects.  It gives students a one-on-one teaching experience that they may be lacking in a classroom setting.

Join a study group: Join other students in your class who meet regularly to study.  Discussions from a study group could enhance a student’s understanding of the subject. It could also give students the opportunity to learn hacks and techniques that other students may know about the subject. Find a study group with members you are comfortable with and are willing to help you.

Spend time studying the subject: Aside, private tutoring or study groups, spend time on your own studying the subject. An alone time could help students overcome their fear of the subject and boost their confidence in their abilities. Constant practice could also help students perfect their understanding of the subject.

Use Flashcards: With flashcards, students can write down points, formulas and other information they could learn when they are alone or on break. Flashcards are easy to carry and convenient 

Don’t relent in your efforts, employ these few tips to help you study better. You can share with us your strategy for overcoming a difficult subject so others will learn

January 21, 2020


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