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How to give any WordPress post or page an expiration date

If you write a blog, there are probably times when it would be nice to be able to give a blog post or page an expiration date.

For example, lets say you write a post featuring a special you’ll be running for a limited time. Wouldn’t it be rather handy to be able to have the post automatically expire at the same time the offer does?

All of my blogs run on the WordPress platform, and while WordPress doesn’t have a post/page expiration feature built in, a wonderful plugin called Post Expirator that adds that option to both the “Add New Post” and “Edit Post” admin pages. 

After installing this plugin you’ll be able to give any blog post or page an expiration date, and when that date arrives that post/page is either automatically deleted outright or changed to “Draft” status (you get to make that choice when you enter the expiration date/time).

Post Expirator is absolutely free, and it works extremely well. Just create your post/page, set the expiration date and a setting or two on the plugin’s Settings menu, and Post Expirator does the rest.

To add this brilliant plugin to your WordPress blog, simply click Plugins>Add New and search for Post Expirator.



August 5, 2019

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