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How To Keep Your Fitness Resolution This 2017

How To Keep Your Fitness Resolution This 2017

For the past few weeks, we’ve been lying around the house munching on sweets with our families during the day and over-indulging with our friends at night—hey, it’s just that time of year. Now, it’s time to regain our collective focus. January as we know it is always the busiest time of the year for gyms .After a holiday season of eating, drinking, and being merry (often in excess), many gyms see their membership numbers double each January. Regardless of all that enthusiasm, gym attendance is usually back to its normal, Pre-New Year level by mid-February.
Perhaps that’s because for many of us, New Year’s resolutions are a bit of a joke: People break them before the year is out (a third won’t even make it to the end of January).
But you don’t need superpowers or an iron will to commit to being healthier this year. Whether your goal is to do 10 push-ups daily, run a marathon, or simply take the stairs more often—you can get there!

Check out these tips to have your fittest year yet.

Write it and measure it.

Resolutions should be both specific and measurable. Setting broad, vague, goals can make people depressed. Writing down your goals is not only a great way to accomplish them, but your list can also help you figure out the exact steps needed to get there.
“I want to lose weight” is a pretty common New Year’s resolution, but how exactly do you go from point A to point B? Instead, try setting a more specific goal. For instance: “I want to lose 10 pounds over the next six weeks by eliminating fast food meals and going to the gym three to four times per week. I’ll then maintain my goal weight for six months before setting any other new goals.”
Breaking down the goal’s components (with numeric benchmarks), and keeping a regular checklist, will help solidify the task and keep you on track. Make your resolutions follow the SMART model: specific, measurable, achievable, results-focused, and time-bound.

Get and keep a schedule

As stated earlier, when you have your goals properly planned things become relatively easy. Time management is important for accomplishing any goal, and fitness is no exception. Early morning exercise is a great way to fit a workout into a busy day, and it may encourage healthier eating and more movement throughout the day.

But if waking up early is your idea of cruel and unusual torture, then sweating it out at 6 a.m. is probably not a sustainable system. Make your fitness routine work for you: Pick a time of day when you have energy, schedule a workout, rinse, and repeat.

Do it for yourself.

Studies show that people who are “externally motivated” — that is, they hit the gym just to look good at your class reunion — don’t stick with it. Those who are “internally motivated” — meaning they exercise because they love it — are the ones who stay in it for the long run. This is because there are times where it’s going to get hard, and if you don’t have that much internal motivation, you might fall short.

Set realistic goals.

A realistic workout resolution is one that makes sense for where you currently are with your fitness routine. If you haven’t been working out at all, having an objective of working out five days a week isn’t very realistic—at least not initially. Start out with two to three times a week. Set goals that are reachable. You’re not going to skim off 30 pounds in a week. Aim for something that’s realistic as a first step geared towards losing that weight or gaining that muscle.

Celebrate! It.

It takes weeks to see real changes in your body, however even a 1 pound reduction in body weight or a 1 pound of muscle gain is reason to reward yourself. Go out with friends, or spring for a new pair of jeans. Motivate yourself every time you reach a goal no matter how little it may seem and you.


Find a buddy.

You need to hold yourself accountable, but it helps to have someone else do it too. You’re less likely to flake on a friend and it’s more fun to have someone to chat with as you work up a sweat. Find someone who is also as enthused about that transformation as you are. This way any of you would always have someone to pull back up when the motivation is low.


The journey is the destination.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that the journey is the destination. You never actually ‘arrive’ when it comes to getting into shape because it’s something that you have to maintain. Once you understand that, everything else gets a lot easier. People give up way too easily because they are always in a hurry to see results. Always know that it takes a lot of time and consistent effort to reach any fitness goal, thus always do your best on a daily basis, concentrating on the target goal rather than the little changes.


Invest in a fitness trainer.

The main reason people fail on their fitness attempts are due to lack of correct information on exactly what to do. This makes them spend a lot of time on trial and error which makes them lose motivation in the end. Not knowing how to do a certain exercise or how to create a well-balanced diet plan is no excuse to write it off completely. If you’re curious about new techniques, or find some exercises too intimidating to try, you can reach me to clear up the confusion of trial and error, save you all that time and money, help prevent injury, and learn to love new workout moves. My main goal here is to there to help you, so don’t be self-conscious about asking for advice.








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August 11, 2017

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