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  • Yes, you still look at your ring and smile.

You go through our wedding pictures often and smile at how lots of people showed up and how beautiful the event was.

Lately, almost everything makes you angry, so let me tread cautiously…. Will you receive my letter without losing it? Before you respond, please note that I received yours without getting angry.

  • Are you sure you won’t? OK. Then let me go on.

I was talking about how you still reminisce about our wedding and smile. Do you know that even though I was very happy on that day, I cannot look at my ring and smile?

What makes me smile is when you wear that see-through night gown without an underwear, a bit of your favorite perfume with your hair held beautifully (even though you are about to sleep). That reminds me that I made an excellent choice.

When I enter our room and find you on your knees praying for us, my heart leaps for joy.

  • I know you still pray for us when you go to church

 But when I see you do it, it sends a stronger message than when you go away for hours to see Pastors to pray for us. Did you forget how to pray? Have you forgetten that I used to call you my personal prophet because you could pray and see visions that eventually came true.

I know you put in a lot of effort to clean. I am sorry for messing the place up after you clean.

But do you know that I would have felt more remorseful if you complained in a funny or less offensive manner? I would be so shy and sorry, that I would even be the one to clean up the next day.

When I ask you to join me in the shower, it is not because I have forgotten how to shower but it’s because I want our evening to end well. Don’t kiss your teeth and complain of tiredness. Honey, a cold bath reduces stress and tiredness so just smile and accept the invitation.

I started calling you Honey because you were effortlessly sweet as the word. You cared about my appearance, you got me random cheap but necessary gifts and you reminded me when I needed a haircut.

Keep doing that. Love me well. Show me you love me.

I walk in town and people come up to me and ask me if I am Zee’s husband. Some tell me that I am an amazing man and they want a man like me.

Please give me those compliments. I also want to hear nice things said to me. When I am looking suave and handsome, smile and admire me. Don’t take a picture of me to show to your friends. Give me a sloppy kiss that will leave a lasting smile on my face.

  • People will say you are naughty?

That should not worry you. Those ladies who tell you to be ‘decent’ read all the ‘Every Woman’ and ‘Treat Him Right’ etc and watch movies on ‘that’. They are ‘naughtier’ (If that’s what you call it) so don’t mind them. Invest in our relationship. Read, listen and watch movies.

Sweep me off my feet with good food, good bedroom exercises, random appellations and gifts.

Love me right and remind me that I made a good choice!

  • Men are not emotional?

Please you should know me better. I love you and I want you to bring it to the fore. I may hide my love for the same reasons but let’s defy all that society thinks.

  • Don’t compare me to other men! Just love me as I am.

You are moved by what you hear but I am moved by what I see.

Honey, let me see things. Let me see that God showed off when He created you. ‘Slay’ in style but don’t bleach. Let me walk by your side or behind you in confidence.

Honey, I said forget those who give married women dos and don’ts.

I don’t want our marriage to be driven by an external manual (your pastor’s manual is also external).

I have the manual and I will love for you to go by mine.

And love me when I am quiet and a bit distant or moody. I will come back when I am over the pain of my team losing. I will love you even more when I get out of the bad mood and you accept me without whining and complaining.

Yes, don’t always cry when I tell you the difficulties I am facing with anything; Motivate me , encourage me and put me to bed.

  • I am not a baby but I love to be curdled and put to bed.

And your high IQ. That is one of the main reasons I chose you. You are clever. Keep reading and seeking info and my love will overflow.

Love me till I feel I don’t deserve all the love you shower on me.

I have feelings, I like to be acknowledged, I love to be given a listening ear, I love to show you off as my wife and I love to love you. Don’t make it difficult.








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November 29, 2017

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