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How to ‘Unsend’ a Gmail message

Have you ever clicked the “Send” button after composing an email and immediately realized that you had sent the message to the wrong person?

Gmail has a feature called “Undo Send” that gives you up a few seconds to change your mind after clicking the “Send” button. 

It’s very easy to “unsend” a Gmail message. Here’s how:

  • After you’ve composed your email and clicked the “Send” button, you’ll see a button pop up on the screen with the a link labeled “Undo” on it.
  • Click the “Undo” link and the message will not be sent. You will instead be taken right back to the “Compose Message” screen where you can make changes to the message, or simply delete it.
  • Remember, you only have a few seconds to click the “Undo” link. Once the word Undo disappears you’ll no longer be able to “pull” the message back. For better or for worse, it will be delivered to the recipient(s) after those precious few seconds have elapsed.



June 26, 2019

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