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Hi Seekapor Team,

I am 23 years old and in my final year at the university.  My parents were not married when my mom got pregnant. In other words, I was born out of wedlock. When I was six, my mom got married to another man and now has four children. My dad also got married to a different woman and now has two kids. I am not really close to my parents because I was raised by my grandmother.

Today I have a worry. My mom apparently, has not gotten over my dad despite the fact that she is married with children. I observe that my parents now talk on phone secretly and sometimes chit chat like new 21 year old lovers. I really do not like how this is going because they are both cheating on their partners, and also putting the future of their children (my step-siblings) at risk.

I really want this to end. What should I do?



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November 24, 2017

1 responses on "I NEED ADVICE. HELP!!!"

  1. I advice she makes her parents know she’s aware of what’s going on and plead with them to end it (outlining to them the effect it would have on their children. And when they continue, she should threaten to tell their spouses.

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