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I Pray For Everything Including My Troski Trips

The trotro ride or to put it the 21st century way, my troski ride’ is one of the things I pray about every day. In the morning, I pray that I get a troski easily and it gets full at the very spot I pick it from; my ears are saved from the shouts of the mate calling for passengers at every spot. I pray against passengers who are not going to the final destination of the troski: On some days, there are passengers who get down at every spot ,not only inconveniencing those who have to get down to make way for them to get down but delay us in the process because the mate tries to find a replacement. I seriously pray against that! All I want is a troski that has a working radio and is tuned on a station that is playing cool music at the right tone. Most importantly I pray against a preacher man or woman who will force me to sing along with him/her because God has been good to us or a sales person who will want me to have a taste of his stock. Then, I pray when I hand over the fare to the mate, he gives me my change immediately. I don’t want to call out to him to give me my change lest I forget. I ask God to grant me window or front seat grace – I don’t want to be squashed between two sweating men or women. In a situation like that, I cannot even take out your phone as they will virtually use the phone with me. No respect for privacy! I also pray that the troski does not develop any fault which will require than we get down and find another. That’s embarrassing and more depending on where it breaks down.

Before I bring my prayer to an end, I ask God to finally bless my trip. So far, God has blessed my trips as I have not encountered any accidents. I am grateful. On a day God decides to treat me as His very very special child that I am, this is what happens; The driver upon seeing the heavy traffic ahead, calls out to the passengers, ‘Airport, 37,Hospital, Water Works, Flagstaff( popularly pronounced ‘flasstar’), GBC, Mobile’. The mate repeats his boss’s call. There is no answer. The driver veers off the main road and accelerates all the way to the gate of my office. My brothers and sisters isn’t this a special treat from God?  You avoid the traffic, no one gets down, you are saved from walking under the sun – call it troski dropping.

Another awesome blessing is when all I have are ‘fresh’ currencies and I don’t want to hand it over to the mate but because I have no other alternative, I stretch to hand it to him. Then the mate says that someone has paid for me. The joy with which I express my gratitude to the person and even the mate for being truthful is unexplainable. God is good like that!

All requests have been met before. On certain days, all of them are answered during my morning trip. Other times, He spreads it out – He answers some in the morning and leaves the rest for my return trip. Other days, He answers about one or two then when He sees that I am getting to comfortable because my rides are cozy, he ignores my request just so I remember to work harder to buy my own vehicle. On a ‘reminder’ day, I get to sit by the window and I see so many of my dream cars on the way. What a way God works! He willingly provides for us and lovingly reminds us to work harder, hold on to faith and leave the rest to Him who can turn things around in seconds. ‘Mate’, is the name many Ghanaians call Bus conductors.




August 17, 2017

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