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Ideas to make your Valentine’s night exciting if you’re single

If you do not have a date on Valentine’s night, do not feel sad or discouraged because there is even a better way out. This is the best time to show yourself some love. Often, we focus on proving to others how much we love and care for them to an extent that we forget to love ourselves. You do not need to be lonely. Use tonight as an opportunity to pamper yourself and be grateful for being who you are.

Take yourself out

You do not need to wait for someone else to take you out. You can spend some time by yourself and have a good time. Sometimes, it is good to put yourself first and remind yourself that you can always survive even if you are single. Dinner, pizza or a drink alone can be a good way to spend the evening on Valentine’s Day. As awkward as it may sound, you do not have to feel lonely doing this. It only means that you care about yourself enough to spend some time alone and give yourself a treat.

Hang out with your single friends

You do not have to be a solo rider on Vals day. If you are bored from being home alone, pick up the phone and make some arrangements. A girls’ night out or a guys’ night out is the best time you can have. With no dating protocols whatsoever, you get to be yourself and have real, authentic fun. Your choice of hang-out or activities for the night will depend on your collective preferences and interests. Ultimately, what matters is how much fun you have and the value of your company.

Spa treatment

When was the last time you invested time and money in giving yourself a good treat at the spa. This is a perfect time to do something which revitalizes you and makes you feel good about yourself. Self-care is important and if going to the spa is something you hardly do, make a trip to the nearest spa and give yourself some pampering. This should be a symbol of love to yourself.

Watch a movie

Another idea is to get a movie ticket, head to the cinema and enjoy a good movie. Alternatively, you can watch your favorite series at home or any movie of your choice that excites you. Valentine is not all about dates and sex, it is about the actions and activities that delight you in a positive manner. Anything that entertains you and makes you happy is great and just fine. This is the best time to ignore the ‘unrealistic’ posture some people keep up on social media, put your phone away, watch a movie and have some fun.

Show some kindness

The whole point of Valentine’s Day is to show love and kindness to people you care about and love. They could be family, friends, neighbors or even acquaintances. Surprise someone; give them a surprise call, send them flowers, cards, chocolates or offer to run an errand on their behalf or do anything nice for them. People appreciate little pleasant gestures shown them, and it also goes a long way to give you a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. This can be done at anytime of the day. It is even more pleasant when it is done by close of day when they least expect it. The feeling you get when you make someone happy is priceless!

You do not need a candle lit dinner with wine and red roses on a table plus a partner to enjoy Valentine’s night. Be your own Valentine.

February 14, 2018

1 responses on "Ideas to make your Valentine’s night exciting if you’re single"

  1. Thanks Soo much for this little piece of advice.
    I have already gotten myself some chicken wings and a bottle of red grapes non alcoholic drinks already. I am enjoying it alone, and I am really happy.
    Thanks you once again.

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