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If I Could Turn…

Growing up, every child weaved a dream for him or herself. I do not know whether this happens in the rest of the world but every Ghanaian child wanted to be a lawyer, doctor or engineer. Parents became happy because their wards dreamt of professions which are deemed as “prestigious”. Nonetheless, when one grows and matures, he or she realises that there are no particular professions which are considered as “prestigious”. Every profession becomes prestigious based on the hard work, dedication and prayer one invests in it.

My childhood dream was always to become a dentist. This is because I nurtured the desire to be the first human to remove the human jaw and put it back. Oh well! You can call that a silly idea. I guess I could be forgiven because of childhood immaturity. My parents, especially my dad, were pleased and encouraged me to my best. My desire to work hard and be a dentist was further honed by enrolment in a prestigious boarding school which was also a convent run by nuns. The school created an enabling environment for my academic growth especially in maths and science. However, things took a nosedive when I started experiencing frequent bouts of illness and had to go to a day school. This change in a way affected my academic performance especially in Maths because my new school had an approach to teaching which wasn’t progressive. I lost my confidence and grip over maths and gave up on my dream to become a dentist. I channelled my energy in active reading and writing. This informed my decision to court general arts in SHS.

Fast forward to a decade later. If I could turn back the hands of time, I would not have given up on being a dentist. Do not get me wrong, I enjoy my present life and working hard to be a successful person in the print media field but I sometimes regret giving up too easily. The point is it is always prudent and better to push yourself a little harder even when you lose motivation for a dream. Who knows? Maybe if I had not given up too easily, I could have actually been the first human being to remove the human jaw and put it back. Ha!

August 24, 2017

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