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 If there is one thing every parent will agree on, it is the struggle to get children to do chores. Most children hate doing chores at home but they must be done and done on time too.

It is important children help their parents with chores around the house so as to help ease the burden on parents.

Depending on the age of your child, you should find the ones that are age-appropriate for them. Apart from easing the burden on parents, it is a great way to create in your child a sense of responsibility and duty.

Younger children can be made to undertake simple tasks such as picking up their toys and books whilst the older ones can undertake chores such as sweeping, taking out the trash, cleaning and helping out in the kitchen.

Chores, however, should not be gender-specific. Every child should be able to do everything around the house once they are capable of.

Here are a few ‘tricks’ parents can employ in getting their children to participate in chores.

ATTACH THEIR DAILY ALLOWANCE TO IT: No child wants to lose their daily allowance to something as petty as doing chores at home. Let them understand they can get an extra allowance daily if they complete their chores on time. This allowance can be deemed as an extra bonus that comes with the regular school allowance.

INSTALL A POINT SYSTEM: You could switch things up by turning chores into a game where they get extra points for finishing their chores. This point could later become a reward system where a child is rewarded with a favourite toy or a trip to their favourite place.

TURN IT INTO A JOB HUNT: I once read about a parent who turned chores into a job system where every child is encouraged to apply as if it is an actual job. Once a chore becomes available, she puts it up on a notice board and her children would have to apply in a letter stating their qualification and job experience.

CREATE A CHORE CHART: By creating a chore chart , they know that you have eyes on them and will notice if a chore is neglected.

Chores are boring for some children so   putting some spice to it to make it interesting will help a lot .

I hope these few tips give you some ideas you can employ at home with respect to chores.

November 19, 2019


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